Invited talks


Conferences et seminars


Information-theoretic Compression of Weighted Graphs
Robin Lamarche-Perrin, Lionel Tabourier, Fabien Tarissan
Real-world Diffusion Phenomena in Complex Networks.
Daniel Bernardes, Matthieu Latapy et Fabien Tarissan
On the Dynamics of Routing Trees from an Ego-centered point of view.
Amélie Medem, Fabien Tarissan, Clémence Magnien et Matthieu Latapy
Rescom, École d'été,
La Palmyre (France), 2011.
Identification of Qualitative Genetic Regulatory Network Models by a Mathematical Programming Approach
C. La Rota et F. Tarissan
Arabidopsis carpel genetic regulatory network modeling and reconstruction
C. La Rota, F. Monéger, F. Tarissan, L. Liberti, et M. Morvan
Self-assembling Trees