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Over the last years, financial crime became a very expensive plague slowing down the advent of the digital society. In 2019, the cost of financial crime was estimated at 1.45 trillions dollards.

Within this context, fighting against frauds, identity theft, or money laundering is a major issue. This fight relies on the analysis of massive sequences of financial transactions aiming at detecting traces of illegal activities such that proper counter measures can be undertaken. Nonetheless, advances in this fight are hindered by a ruthless lack of methods and tools to model and analyze the transactions in a suitable way.

The labcom's primary objective is to lead the scientific and technological advances required to significant progresses in anomaly detection in financial transactions.

Bleckwen and the team ComplexNetworks wish to join their expertise to model and analyze financial transactions as link streams (see image below). They are currently developping and implementing the formalisms and algorithms enabling the proper exploitation of these data.

Link stream example.

The image above shows a very simple example of a link stream, where time is represented on the X axis while nodes a, b, c, d, and e, represented on the Y axis, represent accounts. Links, represented by vertical bold lines, appear between accounts along time and stand for financial transactions between the involved accounts.

Some groups of transactions, represented here as colored areas, can be representative of complex mechanisms of fraud or money laudering. Developping the methods and tools to automatically detect such groups is one of our key objectives.

Latest News


  • July 1st: Contract Signed
  • June 25th: Article in CNRS innovation letter
  • June 9th: Article Publication
  • The article Do you trade with your friends or become friends with your trading partners? A case study in the G1 cryptocurrency written by Nicolas Gensolen and Matthieu Latapy, is published in the journal Applied Network Science, and is available in open access at doi.


  • December 3rd: Kickoff workshop
  • November 25th: Artile Preprint
  • The preprint of the article Do you trade with your friends or become friends with your trading partners? A case study in the G1 cryptocurrency, written by Nicolas Gensollen and Matthieu Latapy, is now available on ArXiV.

  • November 13th: ANR meeting


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